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Reinforcement of the GSMC Security Monitoring Mission (m/f)

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Reinforcement of the GSMC Security Monitoring Mission (m/f)

Munich, Germany


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We are recruiting an Remote Operational Support to the Security Monitoring Mission.




  • At least 3 years of experience in incident handling gained within a security operational centre or equivalent environment;
  • Knowledge in the use of security tools commonly used in computer incident handling like memory /disk acquisition tools, network monitoring, IDS, firewalls and log centralisation/correlation software;
  • Experience in the analysis, interpretation and handling of computer and network security related events;
  • Supervision of the security and system status of the Galileo system using dedicated GSMC security tools (e.g. memory /disk acquisition tools, network monitoring, IDS, firewalls and log centralisation/correlation software);
  • Incident handling of any security alerts raised by the GSMC security tools by following the GSMC operational procedures which cover security alert monitoring, incident categorisation and triage, incident response strategy and definition of recovery strategies;
  • Operating the GSMC Ticketing System to log and trace the full incident handling process;
  • Contribute to the review and refinement of the incident handling processes in order to optimize GSMC incident response capabilities;
  • Maintaining the lessons learnt knowledge base following incidents closure;
  • Supporting the GSA Operational Analysts in developing the information security vision for Galileo system evolutions.




  • You have excellent relational skills and you make a good listener, who finds the right customer solutions within no time,
  • Service and team spirit, independent and taking initiatives,
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills, ability to explain complex topics to the customer,
  • Fluent English skills are essential for this position,


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